Claude Monet and dedication…

So, my beloved and I were in Chicago a little while ago. Of course any trip to Chicago requires a trip to the Art Institute. So we were there and it was suggested Mr. Monet must have painted a lot, since every big museum seems to have a couple. Turns out, he did paint a lot. WikiAnswers puts it at 1189. Other sites say 2500 works. Either way, he was busy. So… started thinking… Cezanne, 900. Duchamp obviously was busy, but the internet is no help. Miro, 2000 paintings, 500 sculptures, 400 ceramics, and 5000 drawings and collages. And my greatest influence, Calder, 15000 works.

If you do the math, which may motivate you, stun you or make you put your head down and realize the greatness of these people… If Calder started at birth ( who knows?) he made an average of 192 works a year.  Wow.

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